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Welcome to Mrs. Klosterman's

Classroom Web Page! 


Contact Information:


Mrs. Emily K. Klosterman, English Language Arts Teacher

Spencerville High School

2500 Wisher Drive

Spencerville, OH 45887

email: klostermane@svbearcats.org 

phone: (419)647-4111, ext. 3248  




For Your Information: 


Mrs. Klosterman's Classroom Rules, Policies, Procedures, Philosophy, and Agreement Handout and Form:

Klosterman Classroom Rules Policies Procedures Philosophy and Agreement.pdf

Please return the signed agreement form on the last page by Friday, September 6, 2019




Weekly Lesson Plans and Documents:


Click on this link to find weekly lesson plans and documents that are downloadable and printable for student and parent reference:


Weekly Lesson Plans 


Note: Click on the BLUE "Weekly Lesson Plans" link (above) for tentative lesson plans and class handouts and assignment details.





Helpful Resources (Documents and Websites):


Click on this link to find suggested resources: website links and downloadable documents:

Resources: Documents & Website Links


FYI Resources (also found via the Resources link above):

2019 2020 Calendar.pdf

Klosterman Classroom Rules Policies Procedures Philosophy and Agreement.pdf


Advanced Senior English / Franklin University's CCP ENG 120 College Writing:

2019 2020 ENG 120 College Writing Syllabus.pdf (TENTATIVE)

Franklin University Transcript Request Directions.pdf

Franklin University Transcript Request Directions.docx









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